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How Healthcare Organizations Can Level Up
The pandemic reshaped the healthcare industry, creating a new demand for artificial intelligence (AI). The pressure of the modern world has made life feel complicated and lacking in human connection and patients are feeling it.

AI offers a promising remedy for that loss of human touch — if we harness it to support people at home and at work. And, with empathy as a guiding principle, contact centers could emerge as heroes in establishing an AI-powered world that helps us maintain a richer, more connected human experience.

We Finally Got It Right

AI applications have proven the technology is worth the investment, especially in the contact center.
The growing power of AI to analyze larger and more complex data sets yields actionable insights that humans alone cannot produce at scale, such as correlations between specific agent skills and KPIs like first-call resolution. These new insights empower contact center leaders to optimize performance with targeted support and training.
In the digital-first global economy, we expect service at our fingertips. AI-powered bots make it possible to provide more efficient self-service 24/7, such as account inquiries and other simple interactions. As an added benefit, the deflected volume gives agents extra time to focus on more complex and high-value patient engagements.
Improved Compliance
& Quality Assurance
Advances in speech and text analytics enable faster, more accurate analysis of all patient interactions. That’s a marked improvement in quality assurance over manual self-reporting or random sampling. Automated monitoring reduces the risk of compliance failures, which helps healthcare organizations protect their reputations, improve patient satisfaction.

How to Transform Patient Journeys with Empathetic Interactions


Predictive Engagement

Predictive engagement uses advanced contact center AI to find, win and keep patients by engaging them at the right moment — and with the right resources and actions.


Predictive Routing

Predictive routing works in real-time. Use AI to match patients to the human agents most likely to give them the best patient experiences. Improve key business metrics, such as handle time and transfer rate.


Chatbots & Voicebots

Dialog Engine Bot Flows uses AI to create better chatbots and voicebots. This orchestrates native and third-party bots along the patient journey to create exceptional experiences.


Agent Assist

Agent Assist reduces the time agents spend searching for answers. It proactively provides live agents with personalized recommendations and guidance on next-best actions in context during interactions.


Workforce Engagement

Workforce engagement tools analyze employee performance and identify the specific skills, knowledge and behaviors of top performers. Use that data to better match employees to each patient experience and situation.


Speech & Text Analytics

Native speech and text analytics employ natural language understanding (NLU), transcription, sentiment analysis and topic spotting to identify key events. Use these insights to improve the patient experience.

Strategies for AI Success

We’re on the cusp of an explosion in AI adoption. As use of the technology accelerates, simply deploying AI-powered analytics and automation won’t adequately solve all your problems. Here’s what you need for success:
Design for desired outcomes
Enable effortless patient journeys
Empower employees at scale
Build agility into your tech stack

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